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PPC Strategies to Supercharge Lead Generation

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising has many uses beyond increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic — it’s also a powerful strategy for generating leads. Before setting up a lead generation campaign, it’s important to build a solid foundation for your strategy.

Check out our PPC strategy tips for lead generation to attract and convert more prospects!

PPC Strategy Tips to Generate More Leads
PPC advertising is a fast way to generate leads, unlike search engine optimization (SEO) which can take weeks or months to take effect. However, PPC’s speed can also cause issues like wasted ad spend or a low ROI if the campaign is launched without a strong strategy.

Follow these PPC strategies to give your lead generation campaign a good head start.

1. Target the right keywords
Research relevant keywords to ensure you’re targeting words and phrases that prospects are actually searching for. Popular keywords can be expensive so also consider long-tail keywords (i.e. longer, more specific phrases). They have lower search volumes than competitive keywords but typically offer higher conversion rates and lower costs.

2. Review and update landing pages
Before driving prospects to a landing page, review it with a fine-toothed comb and make any necessary updates so it’s more effective with leads. Driving prospects to a landing page that has a high bounce rate or low conversion rate will waste your PPC budget.

3. Segment leads into funnels
All leads aren’t exactly the same which is why setting up multiple funnels is a smart move to generate and convert more leads. Segment your leads into different ad groups or campaigns for each stage of the buyer’s journey so prospects feel like you’re speaking right to them.

4. Take advantage of ad extensions
Ad extensions are additional snippets of information that give your ads greater visibility and provide extra options for your audience to learn more. For example, Google Ads offers different types of extensions like an address, phone number, ratings, page links, and more.

5. Provide a desirable offer
Prospects are inundated with offers which is why a generic “Contact Us” won’t likely persuade them to fill out a form. Increase form submissions by offering leads something enticing in exchange for their information like a discount, free 30-day trial, or free downloadable content (e.g. guide, ebook).

6. Set up remarketing campaigns
Also called ‘retargeting,’ PPC remarketing campaigns allow you to show display ads to people who have visited your website. Your prospects don’t always convert the first time they visit your website or click on your ad. With remarketing ads, you’ll be able to stay top-of-mind.

Leverage PPC Advertising for Lead Generation
If your PPC advertising isn’t driving the number of leads you want, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. Apply these tips to your PPC campaigns to supercharge lead generation. Lastly, never “set and forget” your campaigns because you can end up wasting money. Prevent that by working with a digital marketing agency to monitor and optimize your PPC campaigns so you get a higher return on ad spend.

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